Making St. Patrick's Day Cards II - The Fancy Ones!

Hey there!

This weekend I created St. Patrick’s Day cards. I just made general cards with scraps of paper, some ribbon, cutouts and some stickers. I started out with just a few and ended my weekend with a lot! While I was making the cards, I was watching YouTube and saw some pretty fancy cards being made. One that caught my eye was made by Kathy by Design. Her method was fantastic and I wanted to try my hand at it.

I watched her video twice and then cut my paper and started making a card. She is a fantastic teacher. Make sure you go take a look.

Anywho, I am pleased as punch with the way my St. Patrick’s Day card turned out. I didn’t have all of the materials that she had nor did I have the paper collection but what I did have worked out great. The front of my card has a copy of an Irish blessing card and lots of shamrocks. I also added jewels, a rainbow leading to a pot of gold and a ribbon at the bottom.

The inside is a bit simpler than the cover. I used mattes and stickers at the top and then I created a pocket on the bottom. You can put anything in that pocket. I decided to make a small matchbook type booklet to go inside.

The matchbook type booklet has yet another pocket when you open it up. You can add a tea bag or two or a square of chocolate in the pocket here. I just added cute stickers and cutouts. I added stickers because the person I’m giving it to might like stickers.

This card may look like it might be a bit tricky but it’s not at all. It takes a little more time than a regular card but you can really make the perfect card for your friends. Just take your time, add your sayings and some stickers and once you finish, you too will have a master piece!

Have you decided to make St. Patrick’s Day cards yet? If you need more inspiration, check out my Pinterest St. Patrick’s Day crafts page and see what you can get into!

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