St. Patrick's Day Door Wreath

Hey there!

I don’t branch out unto wreath making territory often because let’s face it, patience is not one of the virtues I was blessed with. I love how wreaths look and I have one on my door for each season. But, I rarely make them from scratch.

I saw soooo many DIY Dollar Tree wreath videos on YouTube that I got inspired! If you want to see some fantastical wreaths, definitely go check out some videos. I’m going to show you what I did.

I went nuts and bought a ton of deco mesh in shades of green, white and gold. I wanted a full wreath and more is best! You’ll see several other items that I pulled out but didn’t use.

I used a wreath form from the Dollar Tree. This was 14” and large enough for me. Most craft stores and Walmart have wreath forms that aren’t very expensive and vary in size. If you can’t find a wreath form at your Dollar Tree, try one of those stores.

I measured out 10” strips of deco mesh. I cut out a lot of it. Many of the tutorials that I watched used rotary fabric cutters. If you plan on making several wreaths this year, or you cut a lot of fabric often, I’d say it’s okay to invest in them. They aren’t expensive and if you use a coupon, you can get a good pair for $7 or so. I just used my scissors -- a sharp pair of scissors. Deco mesh isn’t a joke.

The plan was to gather three rolled bunches of the 10” deco mesh and use half of a pipe cleaner to scrunch them together. I mixed them up; two greens, one white or two golds and one green.

I started with ten scrunched bunches of mesh in each color scheme (white & green, green & gold, dark green, etc). I spread them out across the wreath in no particular order. I saw some tutorials that had planned places to put each bunch of mesh but many of the tutorials did not following a pattern and they turned out ok.

Then after you place them you can add more to fill out the wreath. This really helps if you didn’t follow a pattern. Blank spaces are filled up with spare bunches of colorful mesh bundles.

After adding my mesh bundles, I added some ribbon. I attached the ribbon to the frame, poofed some ribbon and attached it at another point and kept going around the wreath. I zig zagged it along the rings of the wreath. I also cut 6 inch strips of ribbon and added them to the bunches of mesh. It filled the wreath up even more.

I had a hanging welcome sign from the Dollar Tree and I decided to cut it apart and hot glue it to the wreath. I just hot glued it to the ribbon and mesh bundles.

I have to admit that it almost looks more blob shaped than ring shaped but I still think it’s pretty. It’s nice hanging against the door and I feel pretty good about my handy work.

Thinking about creating your own wreath? Take a look at my St, Patrick’s Day crafts Pinterest board for some ideas!

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