St. Patrick's Day Tag Flipbook

Hey there!

One of the most fun parts of paper crafting is doing the most with the smallest amount of paper. People think that you need large amounts of paper, glue and glitter to make nice projects. They also thing you need a ton of time! Not true my friend, not true.

Flipbooks come in all shapes and sizes. While I enjoy making more complicated books, sometimes an easy peasy book is the way to go. Last year I made a larger tag flipbook for St. Patrick’s Day so this year I went for a smaller tag flipbook. I still had the same amount of fun.

I followed a general accordion fold for my tag. I only used 1 sheet of 12” X 12” scrapbook paper for the base. I scored my paper so that it would comfortably fold back and forth, accordion style.

I then cut 12 pieces of paper in the same tag style, just slightly smaller than my flipbook. I wanted to have a slight border on the pages of my book.

The papers were small pieces left over from crafts that I had created. I had no problem finding the small pieces in my stash. I also created a few paper clips with ribbon and stickers.

I then used stickers, gemstones, cutouts and ribbon on each page and closed the book with a piece of green ribbon. I didn’t want anything fancy, just something cute to hand out to a few friends.

It’s a small gift -- a little something that your friends can keep on their desks or mantles. There aren’t any real pages for pictures in my flipbook but if you are making one, you can certainly leave spaces for photos and/or journaling.

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