St. Patrick's Day Six Fold Card

Hey there!

I love finding new cards to create. I often fall down the YouTube rabbit hole of crafty videos. You type in one type of card and you end up with 75 variations that you never thought of. It’s fantastic!

The latest card that I found was the six fold card. I originally watched a tutorial from Dawn of Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts create this card. She is so patient and does a great job showing you how to create it. I highly recommend you watch her for this and other cards.

This flip card was created from a piece of 12” X 12” white cardstock. I used another piece of dark green 12” X 12” cardstock for matting. Other than that, I used leftover pieces of St. Patrick’s Day paper from previous crafts.

The cover is a matted cut out card from my St. Patrick’s Day paper. I cut it at an angle so that when closed, it can be clearly read.

The inside angles are so cute. I have to admit that my first card was a flop because I didn’t cut the angles correctly. But, if you watch your video through once and then watch it as you cut, you can avoid my mistake. Just take your time.

The flips offer surprises with each page. If you are like me and you have several leftover cute stickers and cutouts, it’s a great way to use some of them.

This card is thick. Because of that, it’s recommended that you add a belly band. I just took a piece of paper, folded it over the closed card, and secured it closed with wet glue.

I like that you can create this card for any holiday. The paper can be basic colors and you can let writing or embellishments be the star of the show.

I can see creating this same type of card with a gusset so that you can add all kinds of fun things for friends and family on the inside. I like this card as a greeting card for giving.

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