St. Patrick's Day Friend Mail Pocket Pages

Hey there!

I mentioned a while ago that I have a box of pocket page sleeves that are just sitting waiting for crafts. The main craft that I was planning on creating were friend mail pocket pages. Those are nine little pockets of sunshine for friends.

I made sure that I pulled a pocket sleeve out and created a St. Patrick’s Day themed pocket page. I used a lot of green and gold embellishments. I used ribbon, gemstones, plastic coins, stickers, glitter, buttons, flowers and washi tape.

I have a template that I use for my pocket pages. I cut out pieces of paper from leftovers and scrapbook pages that are 3 ½” X 2 ½”. I have to have 18 varied designs but that can be cut down by double sided pieces of paper.

I created side edging by adding ribbons and gemstones. It’s not necessary but it takes a plain, boring plastic edge and jazzes it up a little.

I love making paper clips! It’s so easy. I take two symmetrical stickers, put a paper clip in the middle and add a little hot glue to keep them in place. I only made one for this pocket page.

You know I love my shaker pockets! I took a sentiment cut out, added small beads from the Dollar Tree and a few sequins from the Target dollar spot. I closed the pocket with double sided tape and then added washi tape on top of that for double security. And then, shake, shake, shake!

I had fun adding pots of gold next to pockets filled with gold coins.

I also added flair buttons from Dollar Tree. I adhered them to pieces of ribbon and added the ribbon to my plaid pocket page paper in beautiful shades of green.

Many of my stickers were from Dollar Tree or dollar spots. I get my gemstones from Dollar Tree and I don’t spend more than a dollar for my sequins.

Don’t have fancy scrapbook paper? Just use multi colored construction paper. You can use the same color paper and just decorate each box differently. Don’t make it hard! Just pull out your stash and make one of your own.

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