Happy Birthday Cards For Your Stash

Hey there!

When I make a birthday card, I usually make 3 or 4 more to go with it. I firmly believe in having a card stash ready. You never know when you will need to give a card.

That being said, it feels like I always need more cards. Maybe I just give out a lot of cards.

I had to make a birthday card for my aunt so I thought I’d make 4! I’ve been picking up supplies from Dollar Tree over the past few months. I pulled out all of my birthday supplies but I focused on my Dollar Tree stickers and stamps that I had picked up. I think the crafting community has really added Dollar Tree to the game when in comes to craft stores. They have some great stickers, embellishments, glue, etc., when it comes to the craft life. These stickers and stamp sets have been in high rotation on my scrap table.

I enjoy using my card bases that I get from Hobby Lobby. I use the 4” X 5” ones in white, cream or black. When they go on sale for half off, I stock up.

I stamped out several images from the stamp pads -- Balloons, banners, cake and presents. They are perfect for a birthday card. I color them in with my colored pencils and fussy cut them out.

I used twine and heart stickers to add some personality and ended up with a one of a kind card that my aunt will love. It’s different and handcrafted from her favorite niece (of course!).

I kept going with my stamping and stickers and created 3 more cards. I just added gemstones and paper stacking. I also used a little bit of shimmery paint. That’s a bit of a tip if you don’t have the specialized glimmer markers. I just picked up a $5 ($2.50 on sale) paint pallet from Michaels and it last such a long time!

I honestly didn’t think too hard about where to put everything. You get a feel for if you have too few or too many stickers. Go with that. Just pull out those stamps and stickers and make someone’s birthday happy!

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