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There is something so satisfying when you try a new tutorial and it works out for you. If you are like me, you watch hours and hours of YouTube videos and you get excited when you find something you’d like to try. You pull out your paper and your glue and get to trying. I did that very thing this week and look at what I came up with!

I watched a video by Loretta H and got very excited. I have two 12” X 12” sheets of scrapbook paper. Surely I could follow her directions and create the same type of flipbook.

This book has several flaps that open this way and that. There is a huge amount of real estate in this small (approximately) 6” X 6” book. There are so many places for pictures and journals that I have lost count! You could make this into a photo album for your Easter day. All the kiddos hunting for eggs or everyone dressed in their finest for church could go in this book.

You could make multiples and give them to each of your friends. The base of the flipbook took me about half an hour to make but that was because it was my first time making it. I’m sure now I could bang out several in an hour. It’s the decorating that takes the most time.

Photo mattes are everywhere in this book. I just took some white cardstock and cut out photo sized shapes. I used different colored paper to matte them.

Cut apart sheets are my friends! I mentioned in my Easter card making post that I used 3 pages for my cut aparts -- two “Hello Easter” sheets from Echo Park and one “Hop” from Photoplay. I ended up with 27 cut aparts to play with. Even after making my easy Easter Cards, I had plenty to make this project. Spoiler alert -- there are still leftovers!!

The sticker game in this book is strong. Do you see the larger, puffy chick stickers? Those are actually window clings from Dollar Tree! I just added some glue to help them stay down.

Some of the flaps were less than 4” wide. I wasn’t sure what to do with those. Most people don’t have 3” photos do they? Well, I added one or two photo spots in those areas but I compromised by adding journaling spots as well. That’s just a place for notes about the photos that have been posted.

Now don’t tell me that you can’t make one of these! Watch a few videos and pick the one that seems easiest for you to do. Go get the supplies and then make something fun! You’ll have a great time and your friends will love their gifts.

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