Easter Penpal Pocket Letter

Hey there!

I’m doing it! I’m making penpal pocket letters. I’m cutting out pieces of paper, putting cute things into pockets and creating things for friends.

My Easter pocket letter was a little difficult I must say. The first part of making my pocket letter was fine. I pulled my trading card 9 pocket sheet and I cut out several pieces of paper to fit into each pocket. Because some of my paper was double sided, I didn’t have to cut out 18 pages. I cut closer to 12 pages.

I pulled out my stickers and began putting cute stickers on some of the pages. I have a lot of Dollar Tree, Michael’s and JoAnn sticker books to choose from.

I always keep the center pocket for my shaker pocket but surrounded the rest with cuteness. I haven’t invested in a fuse tool just yet, so I tape my edges down and cover them with ribbon. If I hadn’t told you, would you even have known?!

I made a few paper clip embellishments because everyone loves those! And, they are super easy. All you need is the hot glue gun so that the stickers will stay on the paper clip as you put them on and pull them off of papers.

I made some tags with more stickers and gems. I love using the pastel colors. I keep a bucket of tags and pull out one of two in almost all of the penpal or friend mail projects that I create.

Then I hit a wall.

A block.

I couldn’t think of anything else to put in the pockets!

I watched a few videos and read some blog posts and I still was stuck! I ended up just adding more stickers. I thought that I had more pocket sized embellies but apparently I didn’t make enough this month.

There have been plenty of times that I’d get stuck on a project. Most of the time I’d just put the project away and come back to it later but I really wanted to get my penpal pocket letter in the mail. I made it, just in the nick of time.

It’s a good pocket letter in my opinion, but I know from now on, I’m going to start off my month with a good old fashioned embellishment making session. I’ll make enough items for all of my possible projects and then I’ll start crafting!

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