Happy Easter Flipbook

Hey there!

Can you believe that even after all of the Easter crafts that I have tackled I still have cut aparts left? When I tell you that three sheets of cut aparts goes a long way, it really does! The 27 cut aparts have helped out in the 4 projects that I have shown you. I decided to see if I could pull out one more project.

I decided to make an Easter flipbook with the remainder of my Easter stash. I pulled 5 pieces of bright, spring colors for my flipbook.

Because I wanted to have pockets for each page, I pulled sheets of regular 8” ½ X 11” paper. I sliced off about 4” to make 8 ½” X 7” pages. I kept the 4” slices.

I folded those pages half to make 4 ¼” X 7” pages. That left plenty of room for an easy pocket.

To help make that pocket, I made a ½” fold along one side of the pocket. I knew that it would make a great binding area for my book.

Now, to make a real pocket, I had to add some wet glue to the edges of the paper. Double sided tape works but sometimes the tape comes loose and no one wants that.

I had to make sure that the glue was on the inside of the ½” fold. I didn’t want to seal the side binding. I wanted to seal the pocket so I made sure to bring the glue inside the fold.

When I was done I let the pocket dry for an hour. I wanted to make sure that it was secure. I worked on the pull out photo mattes for the pockets while I let them dry.

Remember the 4” strip that we cut off and I told you I was saving? I decided that I wanted to use them as my photo mattes for the pockets that I created. I cut them down to 3 ¾” X 5 ½”. It’s a nice fit for the pocket.

I decided that I’d cut my photo mattes at 3 ¼” X 5”. That allows for a nice border along my matte. I cut 5 of those, one for each pocket. I also pulled 5 different colored index cards for journaling. I thought that was a cute touch and easy to use.

I also pulled some of the left over paper and punched out circles with my circle punch. I knew that I could use them as pulls for the top of my matted pages.

I put my index cards and 3 ¼” X 5” photo mattes on the multi colored pull outs for my pockets. I just used double sided tape for that. I put them aside and began prepping the binding for the flipbook.

The binding wasn’t too hard. I decided where I wanted two holes and punched them. I made sure that the holes were on the ½” binding that I created. Then I lined the other flipbook pages against the first page and punched them as well.

Just an aside, do you ever wonder what to do with holes that you punch out of colored paper or glitter paper? I keep mine and use them for background confetti on projects (as well as photo ops). I don’t keep a lot of confetti because I try to remember to use them whenever I can.

Like I mentioned, I had quite a few cut aparts left. So, I sorted them and decided which cards I wanted to use in my flipbook. I had a lot to choose from.

For pages that needed something other than Easter cut aparts, I used my larger stickers. I used ribbon and washi and things from my stash to create decorative pages. Some of them even had journaling spots on them.

Once I finished my pages I needed to bind them. I had this cute Easter egg ribbon so I strung it through the holes that I punched. I’ll be honest, I still struggle with ribbon positioning but I did it.

This flipbook isn’t like many of other books in that there aren’t a ton of places for pictures. This flipbook is more for fun and just a cutsie display book. I can place pictures and journal spots throughout the book if I’d like. The main thing for me was just to make something fun that was easy to make.

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