April Happy Planner Monthly Layout

Hey there!

It’s a new month! That means it’s time to create a new Happy Planner layout.

You may notice that this month’s spread appears to be a bit special. Well, there are several reasons but the main one is it’s my birthday month. This month I turn...well, older.

I decided to decorate for April using all of the planner stickers that I have acquired. They aren’t specifically for the Happy Planner. Many of them are from Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning. Lately I’ve been using my paper pads and creating layouts that way. I decided that for April, one of them most special months of the year, I’d go with warm tones of pink, sage green, cornflower blue, mustards, brown, you get the picture.

I pulled out my planner stickers that are specifically for the Happy Planner too. I purchased about four sticker books when I first bought my Happy Planner. But, because I have so many other types of stickers, I hardly ever use more than one or two on a layout.

I also wanted to pull out washi tape for my lines of my boxes. I didn’t cover the lines with white out or sticker paper, so you can still see the black line through the washi, but I thought it looked just fine that way. Sometimes I do cover the lines but I thought it worked out well this month.

Once I had the lines down I went to town with the stickers. This month’s layout was going to be more motivational than functional so I didn’t mind covering every inch of space with cutsie stickers.

I didn’t mention every detail of my month but things like mani/pedi’s and coffee dates were mentioned. I added travel information for the month and time with friends.

I added hair appointments, and words of encouragement. For the record, professional development days are a sneaky way of noting crafty events!

I put my girls’ weekend in full view. I was pretty excited about it so I want it to pop out. The cameras are to remind me to take lots of pictures.

And, in case you didn’t notice, I did highlight the very special day in April. The balloons, cupcake and lunch date should be a give away.

Again, I didn’t worry about leaving white space for budgeting information or personal appointments. I will add that on my weekly pages. I did want to add all the April fun that will be going on.

I didn’t take a serious stance for my spread this month. What is your plan for the month? Are you going to have a detailed layout or are you going to go motivational? Whether you have the Happy Planner stickers or Dollar Tree stickers, break them out and splash them across your spread. Make it fun this month!

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