Ticket Embellishments for Spring & Summer

Hey there!

I think I’ve learned my lesson. Last month I began working on Easter crafts and realized that didn’t have enough ephemera pieces for all of my projects. Since there is a lull in the holidays and the crafts that I will be making, I thought I’d get busy on some Spring and Summer pieces that will help out.

Recently I purchased some printable ticket images from La Boutique dei Colori because I never seem to have tickets in a particular color when I want them. Now I have them forever and I didn’t pay that much for them. I can change the size and make them larger or smaller. Because I have these tickets, I decided to create some ephemera pieces with them.

I chose the sizes that I wanted and printed out a small amount of tickets. I kept some of the tickets in a row of two or three and some singles. To get that ticket like edge, I used my hole punch.

I pulled some streamers to create some of my ephemera. You wouldn’t think that party streamers would be good for anything other than decorating the walls and ceiling but crafters know that everyday items can make some of the best crafty bits and bobs.

I fan folded a piece of steamer into a circle. It’s not a perfect pinwheel but I like it as a base. I added a few tickets, two flowers and some gemstones. Keeping it simple for the first few pieces.

Then I tried my hand at two streamers together. I twisted them up and attached them to a circle that I had punched out. It gives the streamers a good backing to add goodies to.

The goodies for this ephemera piece were tickets, leftover paper pieces that I kept from other projects, foam flowers and gemstones. This is going to be so nice on a project!

I pulled out my die cutting machine and die cut some circles, squares and ovals on some cardstock that was printed on. I like finding printable papers online and then printing it at home. Just like the tickets, I can print the colors that I want, when I want.

Can you say “went to town” ? That’s what I did! I pulled out flowers, butterflies, gemstones, ribbon and stickers. I made little pieces that were colorful and interesting.

I didn’t overthink it. I didn’t worry about how each piece was going to be used. I simply decorated and added it to my ephemera bucket.

I watched tv while creating these treasures and ended up with waaaaay more than I thought I would. But that is certainly ok. I’ll use them all.

Now when I have projects to create, like maybe a card or flipbook, I can reach in my ephemera bucket and pull out a readymade piece of magic to add to my creation.

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