Paper Hyacinth Flowers

Hey there!

Bows are not easy for me. I have contraptions that I use to help. None of my bows turn out the same each time. Makes things weird sometimes. One of the other things that I haven’t been able to master is paper flowers.

I’ve tried a few times and just didn’t get it right. But, this time I have studied several websites and blog posts and I think I might be able to get it right.

Or at the very least, have fun trying.

I took 3 pieces of colorful paper that I wanted to make a paper hyacinth with. They were your standard 8 ½” X 11” pieces of cardstock. I cut them into 2” pieces for my flower bulb.

I used my scoring board to make score marks every ¼th of an inch. I made sure to stop a little more than 1/4th of an inch from the top. I drew a line with a pencil so that I knew where to stop cutting.

I used my scissors and cut along the score lines. You don’t have to do that. I can draw a straight line and I certainly can’t cut one. This helped me keep the lines straight.

I also cut all three pieces of paper at the same time. I was pretty amazed that it worked. I normally don’t get that lucky!

In order to make the flower petals I used a nail orange stick and began tightly rolling the strips of paper, one by one.

Yes, it’s a long and tedious process but it works.

Once you have the flower petals, you need a stem. I took another 2” piece of paper, slathered it with a glue stick and rolled it into a stem.

Honestly the first stem turned out the best. The other two...well, they are stems.

The messy part comes into play now. You will need to turn your flower petals so that the rolled portions are outside and roll them around your stem. I used my Scotch wet glue and wrapped the petals around the stem, slightly moving it down them stem as you go.

My first petal did not go well. The second and third went better.

Before you run off, you need leaves for your hyacinths. I did my best, cut out leaves and folded them so that they would look more like real leaves. I cut out three but you can do five if you’d like. I like odd numbers.

I curled my leaves backwards a bit at the end.

I added glue at the bottom and wrapped them around the stem. Very messy.

And there you go! You have beautiful paper hyacinths for your floral collection!

Have you ever made paper flowers? Were your results as wonderful as mine?

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