The Beauty of Crafting

Hey there!

You know, sometimes I watch crafting videos or read blogs posts and think, “Man! These folks always make such great crafts!” I look at Pinterest and try crafts that look so neat. I’d love to be one of those crafters that makes such perfect crafts. But, that’s not how things happen. Very few people get every craft right the first time or even the tenth time.

Exhibit “A”.

I usually try each craft once before I do it again for you good people. 9 times out of 10 I come out with something decent enough to share. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself and try things again.

Every now and then something comes out so great I am beaming and want to share it with everyone. I take pictures of it and post it everywhere I can.

And then...well, not everything comes out perfectly.

And that’s okay! It doesn’t matter that the paper doesn’t bend the way you want it to. Maybe you don’t have all the tools and have to adlib. That happens too. I have started many projects thinking that my resources were enough and found out they weren’t. Sometimes you can use a tool hack. Sometimes you can’t.

So why should you even try crafting if it might not work? Is it really relaxing? Does it really calm you? Are you satisfied with the crafting itself?

Yep, it really does and yes, you are.

You don’t have to get it right the first time or the sixteenth time. You don’t have to get it right at all. The fun is in the doing. Sometimes you use too much glue. Sometimes the cut isn’t perfect. But did you have a great time shopping for the products? Did you have fun while you were making it? If so, that’s really all that matters.

Crafting doesn’t mean making perfect things. It just means making things. Some of those things will never see the light of day.

Others will be the butterfly that sits center stage in your home.

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