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Hey there!

Scrapping magazines are expensive! I decided to pick up 2 crafty magazines and it cost me $28! That’s ok. I don’t do it often and I really felt like I needed fresh inspiration.

I picked up Daphne’s Diary because, let’s be real, the cover is the cutest. A few YouTubers had mentioned it and when I saw it on my local bookstore, I decided to give it a little flip through. One flip through was all it took.

The thing that sold the magazine for me was the page with pretty lined paper opposite a raspberry tart recipe. Do you need anything other than that?

The other thing that caught my eye was the cute designer paper. Wouldn’t that page look fantastic on a scrapbook layout or project?! I’m excited to use it.

I don’t know much about this magazine but I’ll let you know what I think of it when I start playing with it.

Cardmaking and Papercraft touts itself as “The UK’s No.1 cardmaking magazine”. Well, with bold claims like that, who could resist?

The magazine itself has several card making ideas for me to try. I like that 1 page is the card example and the back of that page has the shopping list. How easy is that?!

There are also some designer paper pages with cutouts. You guys know I’m all about the cutouts! The paper is thin, of course but you could glue it to cardstock and build up the strength.

Let’s be honest, though. I picked this magazine over others because it had a free gift of an Art Deco Glamour all occasion cardmaking set. It has 4 foiled cut out sheets, and 10 matching designer paper sheets. Look at those! The ideas that are running through my mind are crazy!

I know that picking up magazines for about fourteen bucks each seems like a lot but sometimes you need to get some new ideas flowing through your system. I know that These magazines can yield so many crafts. I have magazines in my stash that I flip through from time to time to get cardmaking tips or paper for collages, mixed art pages or vision board projects. Magazines come in handy.

Have you seen these or other crafty magazines at your local bookstore? Have you tried one? Did it help or just clutter your craft room? I’m going to try these magazines out and come back and let you know what I did with them.

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