So Fancy; Tea At The Palace

Hey there!

Sometimes all it takes is a few pieces of paper. The inspiration jumps out at you when you aren’t even looking for it.

This Simple Stories, So Fancy, paper was really easy to work with. The colors are fun and whimsical and even if the words don’t jump out at you, the different patterns will.

I decided to cut into the pages and make a flipbook. I wanted something fun for this one. I had pictures from a high tea that I had with some of my girlfriends and this was just the paper to use.

All I had to do was cut out 6 of the 4” X 6” pages and washi tape them together. I could have gone with an elaborate binding but I wanted simple and airy and light. The papers really show you how they should be used!

About 30 years ago a teacher forced me to learn how to type. I thank him very much because typing is my bread and butter now. I would love to purchase a typewriter but for now, I can type what I need to on my computer, change the font and print it out. That’s what I did for the journalling in this book. I talked about my high tea experience, changed the font to Courier New and added them to the pages. I liked the effect.

The paper is very busy so I didn’t think that I’d need much in the way of embellishments. But, once I added my pictures, I decided to pull out some of my Dollar Tree stickers and add them here and there. Some of them blend in instead of standing out but they blend so well, I wasn’t mad.

I made a flipbook that I was very proud of. I’m proud of most of my creations but this one not only reminded me of a fantastic tea but I enjoyed the way the papers helped tell the story. When you find paper that can do that, you use it!

When was the last time paper grabbed you and forced you to use it? What did you make? If paper hasn’t grabbed you recently, take a look at what you have again. I bet something will!

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