It's A Haul Y'All - Crafty Randomness

Hey there!

I know, I know! Did I really need to hit up all the craft stores and shop? Yes, yes I did!

It had been a while since I picked up items and I got some really good deals. I thought I’d show you good people what I found just in case you want to run out and grab something.

I have said that I was going to give my Happy Planner more love than I had been giving it. I found these great HP sheets on sale at Joann Craft Store. These sheets have just enough space to write down my plans, lists and expenses for a day or week. I’ll use them the way they were intended or change them up a bit for my needs.

I don’t need washi tape but Michael’s was having a sale! All of the washi that I picked up has travel or postal motifs. I thought they would work perfectly for my upcoming travel projects.

I picked up stickers everywhere I stopped. I wait for sales when it comes to stickers. A sticker is an easy addition to a project. I have several mini albums and scrapbook layouts that I got these stickers for.

Can you blame me for picking up these watercolor letters? Aren’t they gorgeous?! I love that they are in the colors of the rainbow. And you see those birthday tags? It’s only a two pack but I only had one “birth” day so it’s ok.

And oh, these paper pads from DCWV. Look, I know that I have no business picking up another paper pad. I should run in the other direction when I see the paper pad section. But I didn’t. Instead, I purchased 2 pads that were on sale. Both are map paper pads. I don’t have many map pages and I really wanted to add them to my stash.

I didn’t pay a lot for my haul this time. I only purchased things on sale and everything that I purchased has a specific purpose. So, you will have to keep coming back to see what I use all of this stuff for!

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