Spring Tag Book Tassel

Hey there!

It’s the old favorite crafts that are the most fun. You know that the projects that you do time and time again are the ones you are either really good at or you enjoy having them in your home or giving them away. When I find a project like that, I mark it in my (figurative) craft rolodex and pull it out when I need something comforting.

Earlier in the week I made a Spring Tag Book. I really liked the end result! But, it wasn’t until I pushed the publish button on the blog post, that I realized I was missing something. The side of the book looked lonely. I needed to add something to make it better.

It needed a tassel.

I have made many tassels and even though sometimes they come out too thin or too fluffy, they always come out nicely. They may look slightly wonky but they always work out.

Because my tag book looked lonely and because I have a large basket of yarn, I pulled out my yellow, pink & white, green & white and yellow & white yarn to play with.

I took turns wrapping different colored yarn around my 8” x 8” cardboard sheet. Because I make lots of tassels, you’d think that I keep cardboard templates around. I couldn’t find my original one so I made a new one. It just takes a firm piece of cardboard that you can wrap your yarn around.

I tend to go big and create really fluffy tassels. Go big or go home I guess. Anyway, this tassel is no exception. I wrapped yarn around the cardboard sheet about 110 times when, clearly, 65-75 times would have done the trick.

So I got a very fluffy tassel. Not that that is a problem. It’s just big.

And what do you do when your tassel is just as large as your tag book?

Nothing. You just sit back proudly and admire it!

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