May Happy Planner Planning

Hey there!

It’s almost May so it’s time to get your planner in order. I have been planning in my Happy Planner that I picked up last year from Michael’s. There aren’t a ton of things on my calendar for May so I wanted to keep my decor simple and leave some room for me to add things as they happen.

A while ago, I picked up several types of planner stickers from Dollar Tree. I sifted through the stack and pulled the ones that I liked the most. I call these my “It’s A Beautiful Life” stickers. The blue, pink, yellow and green color scheme is perfect for May.

I’ve begun outlining my planner boxes with highlighters. I used to use washi tape but I found that some of the thinner washi doesn’t stay on the page for very long. Highlighters aren’t as pretty as washi tape but I like it and it lasts.

I used my orange and pink highlighters for the boxes but I used my green and purple metallic gel pens to fill in appointments, birthdays and things to remember. In months past I have over filled my pages and this month I wanted to keep open spaces.

I also pulled out some of my newest Happy Planner pages so that I could preplan for May. I’ve mentioned before that I spend the last week of the month planning blog posts for this blog. I write down some ideas and make my planning page fluid throughout the month. But, I have ideas to pull from so that’s a plus.

No matter how much preplanning I do, I always get a good feeling when I pop the pages back into my Happy Planner. It’s that sense of accomplishment that you get when you’ve done a good job!

Are you still planning in your planner? Which type are you using and how often are you using it?

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