Georgia Pinners Conference 2018

Hey there!

Ever want to jump inside your Pinterest board? Then you need to attend a Pinners conference. This is my second year attending the Pinners Conference - GA and it will not be my last. Every year I learn something new and I get re-energized in both my crafty life and my personal life. Last year I attended the Saturday session only. This year I went with a friend and attended both Friday and Saturday sessions.

If you only want to browse and shop the booths you probably only need half a day. You’ll meet interesting people, see some crafty projects and enjoy your shopping experience. But, I highly recommend signing up for the classes.

A full day of classes is $29 and if you choose classes for both days it’s $49. There are tons of classes to choose from. I’ve linked the website for more info. Just a note; I paid for my ticket with my own money.

Friday was a jam packed day of learning folding techniques, planner tips, paper flower making, intention setting and iPhone photography info. I took so many notes and made so many new friends. I made some purchases and learned a lot!

Saturday. Well, always remember that Saturday is going to be twice as busy as Friday. Not everyone got off of work Friday but Saturday all the ‘peoples’ are gonna be in the house! Plan accordingly.

Even though it was crowded, I still found learning opportunities and of course, shopping opportunities. I lived pretty on a penny, learned how to create an Instagram worthy table and how to turn my passion into a side hustle. And, I won a paint sprayer and spray shelter from HomeRight! How cool is that?!

You can get lost for hours in the Pinterest maze. I know that I spent 2 hours last night looking at color palettes. If you are able to, book a trip to the Pinners Conference near you for next year. You will have a great time and meet some wonderful people!

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