Derby Day 2018!

Hey there!

The Kentucky Derby is today and along with the 11 second horse race, I watch all of the fashions. I especially love the hats.

I’m partial to fascinators since I am quite the Anglophile. I don’t think a hat looks right on my head so a fascinator fits the bill.

I’ve seen very expensive fascinators and while they are pretty, who wants to spend a hundred dollars on a piece of a hat? If you can find one for $10 or $20, the shipping will double the price.

So what’s a girl to do?

You make your own.

I have a black fascinator that I purchased 3 years ago and I’ve used it a number of times. While I really like it, I thought it was time to add another one to my collection.

I picked up some fabric and sewing notions from JoAnn Craft Stores and a headband and feather hair bow from the beauty supply store. I didn’t spend a lot of money. I purchased a yard of the two types of tulle and the headband and feather hair bow were only $1 each.

I took one look at these two pieces of tulle and decided I needed a purple fascinator. Actually, I needed an aubergine fascinator. I picked a heavier piece of English tulle/netting in pansy and a lighter piece of shiny tulle in blackberry. Pansy and blackberry tulle … who can resist those colors?

The headband and feather hair bow from the beauty supply store make a great base for putting together a fascinator. I prepped the back of the feather hair bow by snipping the rubber band off. I kept the clip because that will help with attaching it to the headband. Take note: The headband is the base of your fascinator.

Things often start out one way and end a completely different way. This fascinator is a great example.

I had a plan in mind. I spent hours researching (as I often do) and had a grand plan in mind. I was going to create a monstrosity so garish it was going to be good. Ahhhh the best laid plans.

I played with the netting and didn’t like any of the ideas. I played with the ribbon and didn’t like them either.

In the end all I needed was my headband, a flower hair bow, feathers and the tiniest bit of tulle. I sewed them all onto the headband and called it a day!

I like this fascinator. It’s just as eclectic as some of the ones I’ve seen on television.

Sometimes less really is more.

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