How I Plan To Watch The Royal Wedding

Hey there!

I am a self proclaimed anglophile so I have already planned my royal wedding watch party. If you haven’t planned yours, have no fear. There is still time.

I have heard of folks having elaborate spreads for their royal wedding watch parties. Cocktails, high tea edibles, games, goodies bags -- party planners are doing the most. Let me tell you my plans and why I’ve planned my party the way I did.

Thing to remember, number one - The royal wedding coverage begins 4 a.m. ET on Saturday May 19. Yes, 4 A.M. If you are having a watch party, your doorbell is going to begin ringing at 3:45 a.m. Tell your housemates so they aren’t too annoyed. Or, just have those people spend the night.

Thing to remember, number two - It’s kinda early in the morning. Do you really want high tea at 4 a.m.? The wedding itself is at 7 a.m. ET. You can kinda get away with it but who’s cooking for you? You’re watching the television!

Instead, put the kettle on. It’s easier than pulling out champagne or mimosa fixings. Even I can boil hot water (using my Keurig machine) at 4 a.m. Now, if you can swing it, yes, do have a bit of a nip. I’ll have a celebratory flute of champagne during the 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. ET carriage ride around Windsor. But before that, I’m having tea. And maybe a scone. Maybe.

Wear your fascinator. I created a Derby Days fascinator and decided that I’d also wear it for the royal wedding. It’s early morning so I’ll be in my pjs but sitting atop my head will be my aubergine colored half hat.

Grab a pen and some paper. There are going to be royal who’s who that you aren’t going to know. You might have time to Google them immediately but you might miss a hat! Write down their names and titles and a note about their wedding frock and look them up later.

Pull out a royal wedding bingo card. Google that beforehand. I know it seems silly but it will be fun! It’s just a little fun something to do while watching the parade of folks. If you are like me and you’ll be flipping channels, you could very easily get a bingo early. What will you win if you get bingo? A nap after everything is all said and done would be nice.

Choose your bathroom breaks carefully. Tinkle early in the presentation. Has beens and non famous people will show up first. Royalty and who's who will show up closer to the hour. So, about 6 a.m. start sipping your tea instead of guzzling it. You can also take a loo break during the singing once the wedding had begun. Make it fast though. The camera might pan to someone yawning or gossiping. You want to be present for that.

Above all else, enjoy the festivities. Take selfies. Live tweet with everyone else. I don’t know the royal wedding hashtag just yet but if you check out my IG and Twitter accounts, you can be sure to see me posting away.

And yes, you will see both my fascinator and my pjs.

I ain’t bothered.

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