Getting Ideas for Card Making

Hey there!

I have a few weird habits. Like, every now and then I walk the aisle of a big box store and check out the sentiment cards. No, I don’t make a purchase. I get ideas!

If you are like me, sometimes the ole creative juices run a little dry. I craft a lot and there are times that I just can’t get the brain to think of anything new in the card world. I’ve been making handmade cards for my family for years so I have to come up with new things all the time.

I look through Pinterest and read my favorite online blogs. I also watch a ton of YouTube videos, but sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. So, I take a field trip to my local big box store and walk through the card aisle.

A few weeks ago I took a stroll through Target. I snapped a few photos so that I could show you my process. It’s not hard at all.

I made sure that I looked at the masculine cards first. I normally forget to look at the masculine cards so I wanted to start there so I wouldn’t forget. Father’s Day is coming up soon and these are the types of cards that my dad would like. He’s a motorcycle enthusiast, he loves a sharp suit and a little bit of biker leather never hurt anybody.

Birthday cards are fun to make. You can make them any time of the year because birthday’s don’t have a season! What are my favorite types of birthday cards to make? Food cards -- obvs.

Another type of card that I like to make is three dimensional. I like 3D cards because it seems that there is an entire section of my family that enjoys jump out features on their cards. And, it’s so fun and so easy to create 3D cards. You can add fabric pieces, feathers, and rhinestones or pearls and create a fabulous 3D card.

And don’t stop at birthday cards. Go ahead and get your cards ready for any weddings that you have coming up. Make some baby shower cards and some thank you cards.

Once you’ve roamed the aisles and snapped some pictures, go home and pull out your stashes. Grab your scrapbook paper, embellishments, glitter and glue and get to creating. Look at the textures and colors on the cards that you took pictures of and see what things you can mimic in your own cards. I bet you come across quite a few things that are easy to replicate -- you just didn’t think of making them.

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