Memorial Day Week Happy Planner Layout

Hey there!

Well June is almost here. I’m not quite sure where May went but it’s almost gone. We have this weekend and then a few days into next week and then boom! Month number 6.

Before June creeps up and slaps us in the face, I wanted to decorate the last week of May in my Happy Planner. It’s almost obligatory that I go with a Memorial Day theme so I pulled out the stars and stripes (in a pastel shade of blue and red -- so pink) and got down to decorating.

I got my planner pages from Vintage Glam Studio. I have gotten a lot of planner pages from her and they are so fantastic! I really appreciate her creating these pages for us to use.

I print my sheets on sticker paper and then use a craft blade in order to cut out my planner pages. The plan is always to “kiss cut” the stickers so that they peel off easily but I’m not that good! I end up cutting them out with the blade.

Once I get the boxes cut out, I always just slap them on the page slightly willy, nilly. I’d love to say that I do it with purpose and meaning behind each placement, but I don’t. I leave space for writing plans but other than that I just put things where I think they will look prettiest.

To be honest, I don’t use the ombre boxes as I should. I usually end up putting stickers in the boxes or leaving them blank. I also use my stamps and add to do’s in those spots. I do like the flag boxes though. I add my lists there instead.

I’ve begun adding a planning page for blog posts. I create that page at the end of every month and move it from week to week. I don’t always post blogs in the exact order of the plan and sometimes I even replace one post for another but it’s a starting point. And, I feel much better knowing that I have some blog post options already chosen for me.

Once I add my Happy Planner pages back into my Happy Planner, I add a bookmark. Yes, the bookmark is really a hair bow from the Dollar Tree but I love using them that way! And, I got four of them for a dollar.

It never takes me very long to get my weekly pages together. The most time consuming part is picking out the theme for the week!

Are you using your planner like you should? What theme did you go with this week? And, are you ready for June? If not, you better get ready because it’s coming!!

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