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Hey there!

It you know me, you know that I love taking pictures and adding them to scrapbooks or mini albums. To me, one of the saddest things ever is a camera or phone full of pictures that haven’t been printed and displayed in proper fashion. What exactly is proper fashion? Well, pictures need glitter and embellishments and a bit of flair to help tell a story.

I love a good breakfast (or lunch or dinner) and one of the best ones I’ve had was at a little place in London called Grind. My friends and I found it on Instagram and decided to try it out. Boy am I glad we did!

Many people are averse to taking pictures of what you eat. I’m not. I take pictures of everything that I can think of. So, I not only took pictures of the food but I also took pictures of the menu and the card that someone left on the table announcing an event later in the month. I thought it all fit together.

But I certainly captured pictures of the food. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, just a few. I wanted to capture the look before I dug in.

Because I didn’t take a ton of pictures, I only needed a little book to display them in. I like mini albums but normally they have room for lots of photos. I thought about a flipbook but I had just finished a ton of spring ones and wasn’t sure that I wanted to do another one. Then it hit me. Make a smaller album bound with book rings!

I cut out 5 pieces of 5” X 5” pieces of scrapbook paper. They were pretty sturdy although not cardboard study. It’s okay though. I tend to handle my photo albums very carefully. I know know that some some people like their albums thicker so I’d suggest adhering each scrapbook page to chipboard or cardboard.

I pulled pages that were yellow, orange and green to match the yummy avocado, beetroot salmon and poached egg toast in the photo. I like pulling paper colors from photos. I pulled paper from paper pads, used cutouts from magazines as well as pictures from the internet.

I also used tiny word stickers that were purchased and ones that I created. I create word stickers often because I can choose what words I want to use as well as the color that I want the words and backgrounds to be.

Yes, yes that is a shaker pocket in between the photo pages. I just used a piece of plastic, added my sequins and beads, attached a few word blocks and sealed it with washi tape.

I have fallen in love with tassels. They can be as free flowing or intricate as you want them to be. I just take pieces of matching ribbon and create a rough tassel that matches the album I’m working on. I don’t mind that it looks a bit unfinished or rough around the edges. I like that vibe.

I also like having little mini albums from trips or events. You don’t have to have 20 or 30 photos for an album. I only had six pictures from this spot but I definitely wanted to document it. I wanted to always remember how yummy the food was and how eclectic the atmosphere was.

How many photos are you keeping all to yourself? Why don’t you print a few of them out and let the story be told? You don’t have to have huge multi page museum pieces for them. Just a page or two will do.

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