Birthday Cards Fit For A Queen

Hey there!

It’s that time of the month. I always set aside time during the month to make birthday cards for friends and family that have special “born days” coming up. This month I didn’t have a ton of cards but I wanted to pull out the watercolors and try my hand using them on those cards.

I don’t have expensive watercolors. All of my paint sets are ones that I picked up from Michaels (on sale), so don’t worry about buying the expensive ones until you know what you like and don’t like. A good set of paints can come later.

One of the easiest watercolor techniques for me is to just spread lines of paint on watercolor paper. Once they dry you end up with a beautiful rainbow effect. I don’t try to match the colors too much, I just get close enough in hue. I used my Dollar Tree birthday sentiment stamps and added tassels, presents, balloons and hats on the perimeter.I think added a birthday sentiment right in the center of my card. It’s simple but looks very nice.

I saw a Pinterest post where the poster created a chocolate and strawberry cake with blueberry and strawberries on it. I’m not an artist that creates perfect pieces. No, no. I create art that sometimes you have to turn upside down to even know what it is. Example #1, my cake with fruit. It’s looks odd but I like it a lot!

I enjoyed the lines of watercolor so much that I created another card with the watercolor lines. I accidentally kept all shades of green at the top and then purples at the bottom. When I was done, I gave myself a pat on the back. Then, for this card, I added some Dollar Tree birthday stickers.

My favorite of all the cards is the watercolor cake card. I love this one! It’s simple. It’s a cake

Oh, what on earth am I going to do with these cards? Am I planning to just put them away? Well, on June 9th in London there will be the Trooping of the Colour aka,the Queen’s Birthday Parade. The Queen's personal troops participate in a very extravagant parade around Buckingham Palace to the Horse Guards Parade. I will be up streaming the parade in my pjs.

Any guesses as to what I’ll be doing with one of these lovely cards?

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