Father’s Day Cards 2018

Hey there!

Father’s Day is right around the corner. I have to mail my father his card so I needed to get crafting early and get my dad’s card out of the door.

I’ve made many types of cards so sometimes it’s difficult to find something different. I always look to Pinterest to see what styles they have doing on. I think I’ve found three that are different and my dad will love them.

Let’s be real. Dad’s love the cards and gifts that their kids give them.

I love a strong green color for father’s day cards. I pulled greens and browns for my first two cards. I used adhesive letters from the Dollar Tree, attached them to green cardstock that complemented the other colors. I also took some twine, looped it through a nice green button and added it to the card.

The second card is another one of my “outfit cards”. Last year I created a tuxedo suit card so this year I created a button down shirt card. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? There is a collar and a breast pocket. I used nice buttons on the edge and gemstones on the corners of the pocket. And, for a flair of style, I added gold letters to the pocket.

Unlike children, I always have a favorite card. I created a double matted grill card that is totally adorable! I took a red circle, cut it in half and affixed it so it looked like the open lid of a barbeque grill. Then I cut a piece of paper and added it to the top like a lid and legs at the bottom. If you look very closely you’ll see a gold gemstone as a hinge for the grill. If I have to be honest, this is the one that my dad will be getting.

It doesn’t matter which card you try to make, I know that your dad or the father figure in your life will love it. Have you started making your father’s day card yet? What style did you go for?

p.s., I only have one child so she’s my favorite.

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