July Watermelon Happy Planner Layout

Hey there!

In my last post I mentioned that July is only a few days away. I created a DIY Happy Planner cover to change up things with my planner. The other thing that I have to do with my planner is create my July spread.

I know that the first week of July has Independence day to celebrate. In my weekly spread I will certainly decorate with red, white and blue. But, the entire month of July isn’t dedicated to just one day so I wanted to use something summery. Why no go with one of my favorite summer fruits as a decorative theme? I went with a watermelon theme.

I’ve mentioned before that I love the offerings of Vintage Glam Studio. They offer free printables for personal use as well as items on their Etsy store. I definitely think you should take a look.

I love the watermelon theme. It’s a beautiful pink and green that reminds me of summer. I knew that I’d mix this sticker pack with some of my Happy Planner stickers but I definitely wanted to make use of what I could for my monthly spread.

I have begun outlining with markers instead of the thin washi tape. I find that the tape pulls up and I like the effect of the marker over the black lines. It makes a great highlight.

I like to show my planner before I put pen to page. You don’t want to see my bill specifics! I add to do lists, special grocery lists, projects that I’m working on and general appointments that are coming up. I like having an overview of the month. I get into the nitty gritty during the week.

I also am a fan of Lisamarie at Paper and Glam and the monthly calendar seasonal living list is the best! All of her calendar inserts are cute but I print out the seasonal living list every month and use it. It’s fun to celebrate the holidays that she adds to the page. Who would have thought of celebrating macaroni day? But now that you know it’s July 7th, you’ll be making macaroni and cheese, won’t you?

It’s also time for me to decide what planner I’m going to look at for next year. Believe it or not, planners go on sale soon and you have to think about what you need in your life. I like my Happy Planner. The decorating is fun and I have all of the tools that I need. And, it’s not very expensive. I can use a coupon and get a refill relatively inexpensively. But, there are soooo many options.

Who knows -- I might just create my own planner for 2019!

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