DIY Independence Day Cards

Hey there!

I don’t hand out that many 4th of July cards but I do like to create them. I have to admit I do have an affinity for the colors. And, they do stand out on a card. I like to make quick and easy cards so that I can have several ready to give out at a moments notice. Let’s take a look at what I whipped up for this July 4th.

If you are ever searching for card ideas, banners work beautifully. You can leave them as large blocks of color or fishtail them. I used a 2” white banner and a 1 ¼” red banner. I stamped them using two star stamps that I own, added them to a blue background and matted them on a white card. I keep metallic stars on hand, because why not? I added those to the right side of the card.

A very simple card is just blocks of color with ribbon. I added white circles with slightly smaller blue circles inside. Then, I added small planner stickers on top of the blue. Yes, I used planner stickers! My crafty stash gets used in all the ways!

Want to go even simpler? Ok, take those star stamps and stamp the heck out of a white piece of card stock. Draw or stamp larger stars and a sentiment of your choice. Back the sentiment (I double matted mine) and plop it in the center of the card. It took just a few minutes to create but I really like it!

And one of my favorite cards is this red card. I stamped the red cardstock with red stars for a simple color on same color background. I love that effect. I added a blue fishtail banner with a matted sentiment. I used ribbon on the edge and then I tied (attempted to anyway) a bow on the side. Easy.

I always say that it takes no time at all to have fun, whimsical cards ready for giving. Some of these of course say Happy July 4th but they could also be used for July birthdays, thank yous, cookout invitations, you name it! All you need is some cardstock and some imagination!

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