Vacation Crafting School - Day Two; DIY Banner

Hey there!

Welcome to Day Two of Vacation Craft School! If you haven't read Day One's post, make sure you read it after this one!

Yesterday we broke the ice with the kiddies. Today we want to get them to create something together. What better group project is there than creating a banner?!

I've created banners before and they are always easy to put together. This time I picked up a pre-made banner from Dollar Tree. When working with kids, the more steps that you can do ahead of time, the better.

If you can't find banners at your local craft store, feel free to pull out some scrapbook or construction paper and make your own. Some of my prior posts will show you how. You just need to cut out triangles or rectangles or whatever shape you’d like.

Once you decide on how you are going to acquire or make your banner, you want to decide what it will say. I wanted mine to say “Happy July 4th” so I needed to make sure I had enough banner panels for each letter. I also had to decide where I would get the letters from. You can pick up letters anywhere really but I decided to just print out some letters and fussy cut them. I don’t recommend fussy cutting for the kiddos.

If you have self adhesive letters, you can just stick those on and be done with it. Because I fussy cut my letters, I pulled out my Tombow adhesives. I honestly don’t use them that often but the paper I was using for my banner was thin and I thought instead of liquid glue I’d use a tiny bit of adhesive. It was perfect!

I stuck my letters onto the banner and hung it over my door. Yes, it was much too long to go over my door but when you finish your banner with your kids, I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place to hang it.

Stick around for tomorrow’s special blog post and see what other crafty fun we will have in our Vacation Craft School!

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