Vacation Crafting School - Painted Wooden Wind chime

Hey there!

It’s Day Three of Vacation Craft School. Make sure you read this post and then check out Day One and Two.

I often see kiddie craft packets at Dollar Tree. My kiddie is an adult so she has no desire to try these packets out. In honor of my Vacation Craft School I thought I’d pick up a few and try them out myself.

I found these wooden wind chime kits at Dollar Tree. Doesn’t everyone like a wind chime?! Well, I don’t really but this was a dollar and wouldn’t this be fun to do with the kiddos? The packet contains everything that you need for this craft so it’s not too bad.

One issue is that the paint brush is not very usable. There are some pretty small nooks and crannies and this paint brush would make a mess of it. I just pulled out paint brushes from my collection.

I must admit that the paint containers are hard to open (your kiddo may not be able to open it) but the paint inside was really good stuff! You always worry that your paint is going to be runny or very light but the paint wasn’t bad at all.

The wood was easy to paint. It soaked up the paint but kept a nice color. It didn’t take long for the paint to dry either.

I painted and started the hanging process for both packets of wind chimes. And so the trouble began. This was hard as heck to assemble! The string kept unraveling as I tried to get it through the holes. The instructions left a lot to be desired and the end result looks like I let my 4 year old nephew put it together.

But, it isn’t horrible. And, it was fun. I think kiddos will enjoy painting their project but then I think an adult should probably put it together for them.

Tomorrow’s Vacation Craft School blog post will be something a little easier for little fingers to handle. Come back and see what we have in store!

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