Vacation Crafting School - Day Four; Foam & Pom Pom Popsicles

Hey there!

Welcome to Day Four of Vacation Craft School! We’re making crafts that the kiddos can work on.

Yesterday was fun but not the easiest craft. I think our kiddos might enjoy a fun project that's a bit easier. One of my favorite craft mediums for fun is foam sheets. The craft that I decided to work on was foam popsicles!

I pulled my foam sheets, jumbo craft sticks, craft glue, scissors and pom pom balls. I always keep craft basics on hand. If you have kids, you definitely want to keep a craft box for summer and weekend crafts.

Foam sheets are inexpensive. I have picked up mine at Dollar Tree and Michael's. I pulled colors that I thought would work for popsicles. Honestly you can use any color for popsicles.

I looked online and found a popsicle template. You’d be amazed how many templates that you can find for all your project needs. I found one that was about the correct size that I wanted and then paperclipped it to the foam sheet. Snip snip and I was done!

I added my jumbo craft stick to the foam sheet. I just used craft glue and set a heavy container on top while it dried.

You can decorate your popsicle with anything. Gemstones, buttons, pieces of paper or anything that you have on hand will work. I like pom poms because they are so easy to find in the store and very easy for little fingers to glue.

So easy! All of your kids will have fun making these and they can make quite a few of them. They are inexpensive and so entertaining. You can get EVERYTHING from the Dollar Store or your local big box store!

There is just one more day of Vacation Craft School left! I’ve had a ton of fun and I have something special planned for tomorrow!

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