Vacation Crafting School - Day Five; A Glass of Lemonade

Hey there! It’s the last day of Vacation Craft School and I wanted to go super easy and entertaining. I saw this lemonade glass craft in Pinterest and knew that this would be the perfect craft for kiddos!

I pulled yellow and pink cardstock to mimic glasses of lemonade. My photos don’t do the colors justice but it was raining so I couldn’t use natural light.

I created a glass shape with my ruler and a pencil and then I cut it out. It was pretty easy. I did well on the first try. If you have little kiddos, I’d precut them. If they are a little older they can cut them themselves.

I pulled a few longer straws from my kitchen and used double sided adhesive tape to pop it down “into” my glass of lemonade.

I decided to cut two circles and slice them in half. They sort of look like lemons. I crazily added white/yellow paint hoping it would look like lemon pith. It kinda worked.

I also created limes from bright green paint. And those white squares? Those are ice cubes!

I cut a square of sponge, dabbed it in white paint, and magically ended up with ice cubes. Pretty neat. Your Vacation Craft School class will think so.

I have to admit that this craft was my favorite of all of the Vacation Craft School crafts. I think little kiddos as well as adult kiddos will enjoy this one. You can customize it by adding foam or felt fruit in your cup. You can also use sticker fruit. Go crazy! What was your favorite craft from this week? Did you get any ideas or do you have any ideas that you want to share? Dish the details with us!!

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