Summer Flipbook with a Mystery Paper Pack

Hey there!

I have a lot of paper sets and I like to try to use them up. When I was searching for nice papers for summer I came across this sheet of paper and page of punch outs. I have no idea where it came from and the paper is pretty thin but I didn’t want to not use it.

To go along with the two sheets, I pulled some paper from my Recollections paper packs. I liked the bright colors that I could pull from my paper packs and knew that they’d match the two sheets of summer paper. I’ve mentioned before that the recollections paper packs are my favorite.

I took the 8 1/2” X 11” pieces of Recollections paper, folded it and cut it down to be sheets of 5 ¼” X 11” pieces of paper. I just adhered them together accordion style and had my flipbook.

The punch outs on the page were fun. All I did was add them to the front of my flipbook. I wanted a simple first page.

I love pockets and tuck spots. I used some of my project life cards from another summer kit (again, I don’t recall where I got that kit from either) as a pocket. Inside I added some photo style printables. I thought I could add notes on the back or even a smaller photo.

Mentioning photos, I added a lot of spots for photos in the small flipbook. I wanted to be able to add some summer fun pics. I often take a lot of pictures that don’t need to be 4” X 6” shots. I can print off 2” X 2” photo instead.

Using waterfalls are a great way to add photo spots. I’ll admit, I messed up the dimensions on this one, but it’s still usable.

And yes, in that second pocket you do see a shaker card. You know I love making shakers! They are the best!

I enjoyed these two pieces of summer paper. I knew that making a summer flipbook would be perfect and I love what I ended up with. I can’t wait to make more summer flipbooks with different papers.

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