Scrapbook Expo 2018 - Duluth, GA

Hey there!

For the past three years I have gone to the Scrapbook Expo Show in Duluth. It’s always fun, there are lots of people to meet and the shopping is crazy! This year I wanted to experience a different side of the expo so I decided to volunteer!

Honestly, calling it volunteer work would be wrong. It’s like meeting new friends and sharing meet and greet time with them. I spent 4 hours with some very nice people in the scrapping community and it reminded me why I love the community so much.

(I know that it's dark and blurry except for me. I did that on purpose.)

I was placed at the registration desk. Man I had a great time! We helped folks get their tickets, buttons and show guide. They were excited to get inside and shop or get to their scrapbooking classes. It was really nice to help people get to where they needed to go.

Once my 4 hour shift was over I was free to wander the shopping floor. I picked up my own buttons and show guide, dropped my raffle ticket info a bucket and went inside to shop until I dropped.

I say it every year but I’ll say it again; if you are a crafter and there is a show that comes near your area, you have to go. I participate in ‘make and takes’, I’ve watched the croppers do their thing and I definitely shop. There are two and a half days of paper crafter goodness to participate in and if you can, I’d certainly try to.

Oh, remember I said that I dropped a raffle ticket in a bucket? Well, I won a $100 gift certificate to Queen and Company (silently screams so as not to upset the neighbors)! There will be many upcoming posts using all of my purchases. HUGE shout out to them for all the lovely goodies that I received.

(Last year's post)

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