It's A Haul, Y'all - Dollar Tree Back To School Supplies

Hey there!

It’s back to school time and all the stores have tons of supplies. I try to stay away from the stores because my kiddo has been out of school for 3 years and we don’t need school supplies.

But, did that stop me from buying supplies? Of course not!

The Dollar Tree was as far as I wanted to go into the school supply shopping world. I know how crazy it can be! I stopped in a few times over a week or two and this is what I came out with.

I use highlighters a lot. You’d be amazed what highlighting will do for a craft project. Yes, I use them the way that they were intended to be used as well but I also add a line of highlight on a scrapbook layout or on friend mail mini albums. These from Dollar Tree are pretty good. I think they have strong pigmentation.

Book rings are the best. During the year you can find them, sometimes. At the beginning of the school year you can always find all three sizes. I like using them in my crafts so I get what I think I’ll need during this time.

A good pen is key in crafting. I love the Zebra brand and I was knocked off my feet when I saw them at the Dollar Tree. I grabbed 2 packs to try them out and when I saw that they were great quality, I went back and got 2 more packs of each.

Sheet protectors and graph paper are hit or miss at Dollar Tree. I’ve seen sheet protectors during the year but it’s not always 16 sheets. Sometimes it’s only 10 sheets. And I can buy one pack of 80 sheets of graph paper and it will keep me for the entire year.

Mead 3 subject notebooks! People! Normally you can find college ruled but I’ve never seen wide ruled. I saw these and I grabbed them. They are great quality and you can always use notebooks.

I don’t have a kiddo going to school but I still have back to school supply needs. Do you still buy back to school supplies? What do you buy and how do you use it in your crafting area?

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