Scrapbook Laser Cut Page Overlays

Hey there!

I have seen laser cut scrapbook page overlays for a while and I’ve always want to try my hand at using one. While I was at the Duluth, GA Scrapbook Expo a few weeks ago, I picked up a few to play with. I liked this show frame and picked it up for just a few dollars.

I also found a Wicked die cut. I knew that it would be perfect for photos from our trip this past summer to NYC’s Broadway to see Wicked. I went with my mom and the kiddo. None of us had seen a Broadway show before so it was a big deal for us!

I printed larger photos from our Wicked trip. I didn’t take a lot of photos during the show of course, but I took a photo of us before the show and a few photos of the cast taking their bows.

Yes, I covered mom and the kiddo’s faces. My kid is social media adverse and I respect her wishes. Mom probably wouldn’t care but, just in case…

I used my photos around the laser cut designs. Honestly, I couldn’t figure out a good way to place them. I watched several YouTube videos and didn’t see anything helpful. I like the look in theory but the laser cut overlays that I picked weren’t a good match.

Definitely no shade to the laser cut overlays. They are really cute but don’t work for me. What I will continue to do is multi photo layouts with backgrounds that I choose. I feel like that might work better for me.

Have you tried these overlays before? What did you think and how did you use them?

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