Using Markers on Rubber Stamps

Hey there!

I like a good make and take when I’m at a scrapbook or papercraft expo. So, when I glanced at the Local King Rubber Stamp table during the Scrapbook Expo this year, I was intrigued. This nice lady was stamping pretty peacocks (and other designs) on glossy paper and the more I watched, the more I wanted to play.

I sat down, watched her process again and created a purple peacock on a light word background. I thought it was so pretty! Imagine the cards I could make with this process! I immediately picked up the peacock stamp, the word stamp, the special paper and the markers.

The markers are water based markers. I don’t know if they are super special but I wanted a specific set to use with this process. You are rubbing a market on a rubber stamp so I wanted dedicated markers for that. Also, the case is very sturdy and colors are very vibrant!

The rubber stamps are very good quality. I’ve used background stamps before, but this really made me think about using them more often. When I picked these two from the large selection of rubber stamps, I knew that I could use them on so many cards and scrapbook layouts.

Now, the paper is special gloss paper. It’s not photo paper but it is slightly glossy. You can definitely see the difference in this paper and regular paper. It will be interesting when I have to order more!

I’ll admit that before I tore into my kit, I watched several videos on the Local King Rubber Stamp YouTube site. I like to watch a process a few times before rushing in.

I picked light marker colors and a black marker. The video said I need the black marker. I also cut my sheet of paper in half. I didn’t think I needed a full 4.25” X 5.5” piece of paper. I like to matte things so half a sheet will work just fine.

So my first attempt was just meh. I think my background color was too dark and maybe my peacock colors were too light.

I kept the background color but changed things up for the second try. I went a bit darker for my peacock.

And look at that! I love it! The paper on top is just regular paper and it’s ok. The colors work. But, the bottom paper is the gloss paper and man, do you see the difference ?!

It’s nice to know that regular paper works in a pinch but glossy paper is where it’s at!

Can you imagine this cutie on a card? Birthday, love, thank you, miss you, whatever sentiment you need, this will work.

I’m glad that I picked up this set and I plan on making many projects with these babies!!

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