A New Work Planner

Hey there!

I know, I know, I know! I have 2 planners (okay 3) already. Why on earth did I purposely, go into a store and purchase another one?


No, that’s the reason. I needed simple. I wanted a work planner that wasn’t for decorating or memory keeping. I wanted it large enough to keep track of meetings and time keeping and to do lists.

I love using stickers but I didn’t want large weekly spaces for them. I wanted large weekly spaces so that I could keep track of tasks and how long it takes me to do them. Yes, it’s important to have motivational messages but I didn’t want them in this planner. This one is strictly pen driven.

No stamps or stickers or washi tape (well, maybe washi tape) -- just ink pen.

So, I found this 18 month planner at T.J. Maxx. The price was perfect. It was only $7.99. I know that we are use to paying twice or three times that price but I didn’t want to. I wanted to keep it budget friendly. That’s why my first stop was a budget friendly store.

It is glue bound so there’s nothing to fall out of rings or coils. I love my coil bound planner but I don’t feel like I can take it into a meeting with me. I also don’t feel like the pages are super secure. And, we all know that writing in them can be a pain. That’s why we use stickers!

The 2 page per month pages are at the front of the book. It’s nice to have the monthly pages together. Many times I need to see the previous or the next month when planning. Having all the months together works for me.

The weekly pages are towards the end of the book. Each week is 2 pages as well and there is plenty of room to write the things that I need.

There is also a ‘notes’ and ‘to do’ section on the right side of each weekly set. That’s perfect for planning things for the week at a glance. If I find that I need more space, I have plenty of paper that I can add as a ‘tip in’ if I need to.

The bottom of the page has ‘reminders’ and ‘goal of the week’ sections. Again, 2 great spots to keep track of things you need. I can use my pens to color code what I need to keep track of.

The back of the book has a few note pages which will be handy for client information or larger meeting notes. Again, if I need more note pages, I can add them as ‘tip ins’.

Side note - tip ins are when you use washi tape or glue to add an extra piece of paper onto something else. In your ring bound or coil planner you just punch holes and pop them in.

No, I didn’t NEED another planner. Do any of us NEED 3, 4 or 5 planners? But, I wanted one that was exclusively for work. Don’t worry! I will still plan in my coil and ring bound planners. I will still use my stickers and embellishments.

But not in this pretty planner. This is a work planner.

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